Timeline for Umineko no Naku Koro ni II

Beatrice having fun

The second arc of Umineko no Naku Koro ni has been pretty crazy, especially towards the end where Beatrice is having way too much fun. However, I am not sure how much we can believe what was seen on screen: perhaps it was all what Beatrice wants us to believe, rather than what actually happened. Like I did for the first arc, I have organized a timeline of events that might help figure things out. I have also gathered the truths revealed by Beatrice for this arc.


Eva, Hideyoshi, and George visit Rokkenjima.
Shannon and Kanon encounter Beatrice.
Shannon smashes mirror in shrine.


Shrine destroyed by storm.
George and Shannon go on date in Okinawa. Start of episode I-I.
Jessica’s school holds school festival, Kanon shows up. End of episode I-I.

October 4, 1986

Episode II-II begins.
Ushiromiya family members take boat to Rokkenjima.
Rosa and Maria encounter Beatrice, receives letters.
Genji greets Beatrice.
Kirie encounters Beatrice.
Kanon serves tea to Beatrice in guest room.
Shannon serves dinner to Beatrice.
Dinner, where presence of Beatrice is announced.
Grandchildren and Nanjo are sent to guest house.
George proposes to Shannon.
Parents accept that Beatrice is a witch.

October 5, 1986

Episode II-III begins.
Bloody drawing found on door of chapel.
Rosa retrieves key to chapel from envelope Maria received from Beatrice.
Klaus, Natsuhi, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolph, and Kirie found dead in chapel.
Nanjo discovers letter in chapel.
Jessica, Kanon, and Gouda find Beatrice gone from her room, discover new letter.
Jessica and Kanon encounter Beatrice.
Gouda makes report about letter found in Beatrice’s room.
Jessica and Kanon are killed.
Genji and Shannon finish report to Kinzou.
Rosa, Genji, and Shannon return from Kinzou’s study. Rosa now has a gun.
Episode II-IV begins.
Jessica found dead in her room.
Battler convinces Rosa to back down on her accusations.
End of lunch.
Employees sent away.
Fake Kanon kills Nanjo and Kumasawa.
Episode II-V begins.
Servants make confusing report about deaths of Nanjo and Kumasawa.
Bodies of Nanjo and Kumasawa are gone from employee room.
New letter discovered.
Rosa receives all master keys.
Servants and George head to kitchen.
Shannon remembers about Natsuhi’s mirror.
George, Shannon, and Gouda head to chapel for Natsuhi’s key. Genji stays behind.
George, Shannon, and Gouda encounter Beatrice.
Box containing Natsuhi’s mirror is found.
Gouda is killed.
Episode II-VI begins.
George and Shannon are killed.
Genji discovers bodies of Nanjo and Kumasawa.
George, Shannon, and Gouda are found dead.
Rosa, Maria, and Battler return to parlor.
Battler discovers new letter, prompts accusations between him and Rosa.
Someone knocks on the door to Kinzou’s study.
Battler is summoned to Kinzou’s study.
Rosa and Maria are at chapel retrieving a gold bar.
Celebration of Beatrice’s resurrection.
Kinzou and Battler are killed.
Rosa fights off hordes of goats, protecting Maria.
Everything ends.

Beatrice’s truths

While I have no idea how much we have seen on screen can be trusted to have really happened, meta-Beatrice did reveal definite truths in the form of text marked by red. While it is possible that Beatrice was simply lying about her red revelations being true, I find this to be extremely unlikely and consider them to be gospel truth. So while what we saw might not be trusted, I trust the truths revealed by Beatrice, which I have organized here.

About murders in chapel

  • Ignoring whether they were alive or dead, the six victims got into the chapel through the door.
  • Only one key to the chapel exists.
  • It is impossible for anything besides the key to the chapel to unlock or pick the lock on the door.
  • The key in the envelope given to Maria was indeed the key to the chapel.

About Jessica’s murder in her room

  • Each servant has a master key that can open the door to almost every room, for a total of five master keys.
  • There are no hidden doors in the room.
  • The only way in and out of the room is through the door.
  • The only keys that could have locked the door is Jessica’s keys and the servants’ master keys.
  • The window is locked from the inside.
  • Kanon was killed inside the room.
  • When the door is locked, there is no way to go in or out of the room through the door.
  • The door cannot be locked from outside the room without using a key.

About murders in employee room

  • The keys for the employee room are all within the key cabinet in the employee room.
  • There is no way in or out besides the sole door and the sole window.
  • Both were locked.
  • No one can go through the door or window when they are locked.
  • The door cannot be unlocked without either the key in the employee room or one of the master keys.
  • There are only five master keys.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.