Umineko no Naku Koro ni II-V


Episode II-V of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, “accept”, begins from the end of the previous episode where Genji, Shannon, and Gouda had just defeated the fake Kanon. The time is 1:17PM. Later, they try to report what had just happened to Rosa and the others, but they’re a bit more confused about it than I am. Rosa feels vindicated at first when she hears that a bloody Kanon had appeared, but the vindication does not last long when they claim that it was certainly not Kanon. And Rosa’s overly aggressive interrogation does not help with learning what really happened from the shocked witnesses.

Everyone heads to the room to see what happened for themselves. The employee room had been locked, which is now being opened again with Gouda’s master key, while George makes sure that Maria waits outside so as not to see the dead bodies. However, it is a surprise when they discover that the bodies are now gone, leaving only pools of blood where they were.

Rosa reads the letter

Battler thinks that Kanon could not be responsible since he wouldn’t have had a master key to lock the door with, but Rosa points out that he could have taken his own key that Nanjo had taken from Jessica’s body. Rosa also finds another letter on the table, which asks how they are doing with solving the mystery of the inscription and states that there is no other way to stop what is happening. It also states that it is useless to try to find her, run away from her, or even deny her existence. The letter is from Beatrice, and there is a postscript that she took the bodies. The letter also came with a couple of master keys.

Meta-Battler and meta-Beatrice then show up. Meta-Battler is exasperated at yet another situation where the servants must come under suspicion, but it then occurs to him to ask about the key to the room itself that should be in the employee room.

Beatrice speaking the truth

  • The keys for the employee room are all within the key cabinet in the employee room.
  • There is no way in or out besides the sole door and the sole window.
  • Both were locked.
  • No one can go through the door or window when they are locked.
  • The door cannot be unlocked without either the key in the employee room or one of the master keys.

Given these confirmed facts, meta-Battler is losing badly, with meta-Beatrice belittling him that he should just admit the existence of magic.

Back in the real world, Rosa thinks it is all a charade, thinking that Nanjo and Kumasawa are not really dead. The theory is that they only made it look like they were dead with the pools of blood, but that they are actually hiding somewhere in the mansion. This would mean that the other servants would be in on it, so Rosa threatens them with her gun to the alarm of the others. To defuse her suspicions, Genji offers the master keys of all the servants to Rosa, and she puts all of them, including the two that were included in the envelope, into Maria’s handbag.

Rosa is relieved that the supposed threat of the servants has been neutralized, but Maria, who has been pretty quiet so far, finally speaks up claiming that locks are useless against Beatrice, who can just open them with her magic. Maria’s mention of magic and witches provokes another violent response from Rosa, but this time Battler stops Rosa. Good thing that Maria has kept quiet so far: otherwise Battler could have joined Rosa in the beatdown …

Maria giving Battler a kiss

In fact, Battler accepts that Beatrice exists and is really a witch. He cries about how trying to find the killer was completely useless and that he should have just admitted that magic was real. Maria seems to be very happy that Battler believes now. And it doesn’t look like a creepy happy but a genuine happy. This interaction results in a reconciliation between Rosa and the servants. With the tension defused, Genji says that the servants will stay in the kitchen and warns Rosa to keep the doors locked, while George stays with Shannon.

The loyalty of Genji and the other servants has been consistent so far, but the sudden change in attitude by Rosa is odd. There is a reason for that: when Genji, Gouda, Shannon, and George walk out of sight, Rosa reveals that her paranoia has not been reduced at all and is still as suspicious of the servants as ever. Despite having received all known master keys, Rosa thinks it obvious that the servants have spare keys. Battler laments Rosa’s total lack of trust in the servants.

Beatrice's cruel laugh

Meta-Battler is totally dejected with Rosa’s lack of trust and is frustrated that meta-Beatrice would not inform Rosa that there are no copies of the master keys. Meta-Beatrice sardonically asks if meta-Battler would be willing to swear himself in as meta-Beatrice’s furniture so that he could tell Rosa himself, and she reveals the following truth:

  • There are only five master keys.

The time is now 6:00PM. In the kitchen, George has been a much more patient interrogator and he gets a much better picture of what had happened with the fake Kanon from Shannon, Genji, and Gouda, not that they have a clear idea of what happened, either. He also learns that the reason why Shannon gathered spider webs when she suspected that the Kanon that had appeared was fake is the stories about spider webs having a suppressing effect on the evil spirit that had resided on Rokkenjima. Shannon had also talked about her encounters with Beatrice for the past couple of years.


Mention of the mirror of the small shrine that she had broken reminds Shannon that Natsuhi had a smaller mirror of similar nature as well. It supposedly is just as strong a charm against evil magic, and Genji says that Natsuhi is from a family that had traditionally been priests. The mirror is in a box in Natsuhi’s room, and George suggests that they get it so that they can fight Beatrice. However, they need to get Natsuhi’s key from the chapel to open the door to her room, but Genji remains behind in case Kinzou needs him. As soon as the others leave, a golden butterfly appears, which Genji dispels with a thrown knife.

In the parlor, Rosa is in full paranoid mode, having barricaded the door with furniture (real furniture, not the other kind) and is ready to shoot off the gun the moment anyone breaks in. Next to her, Battler is talking to Maria about the inscription, which she wrote down in her notebook as she did in episode I-I. Maria tells Battler that there would be no more killings if the inscription were to be solved, and she also tells him that Beatrice is doing this because magic requires more risk for more rewards. Without the killings, there won’t be as much risk.

Beatrice appears

At the chapel, George, Shannon, and Gouda seems to have broken in by breaking a window. Gouda is pretty old-fashioned and thinks it unbecoming for a man to search the body of a lady, even if said lady is dead, so Shannon is the one to retrieve Natsuhi’s key. However, golden butterflies appear, and while they try to run away, George is unable to unlock the door. Things get scarier as Beatrice appears, and George finally manages to unlock the door so that they can run away from the chapel. Beatrice is enjoying their terror far too much …

George, Shannon, and Gouda flee back to the mansion and reaches Natsuhi’s room, where they find a locked box that might contain the mirror they are after. George tries to force the box open, but we begin to hear Beatrice’s sinister laughter. Shannon is also alarmed that the door is left open, which is odd since we didn’t see Gouda close it, but when Gouda goes to close the door, he sees the same humanoid goats we saw in episode II-III approach the room. Terrorized, Gouda tries to lock the door, but it keeps unlocking. The unseen Beatrice’s comments just makes the terror worse.

Terrified Gouda

Gouda tries to keep the door closed while George struggles to force the box open, but his terror reaches new heights as a pair of arms pass through the door to caress him. It is another furniture of Beatrice’s, a blond one, and soon she turns into a stake and flies through the door to impale Gouda fatally in the chest. Still having been unable to force open the box, George and Shannon must face the humanoid goats, with golden butterflies flying around them and Beatrice herself appearing.

George and Shannon are now facing mortal danger. Will George be able to open the box in time? Even if he does, will it be a huge and fatal embarrassment if it turns out to be the wrong box? Throughout the episode, Gouda has been terrified in one way or another. If I were in their situation, my reactions would probably be most like him (either that or I would be very apathetic and viewing the situation as if it were happening to someone else). Pity that Gouda did not manage to survive to the end …

Facing Beatrice and the goats


  • Battler has accepted magic, which does not seem to be any kind of deception, so meta-Battler appears to have lost the little game with meta-Beatrice. This little game of magic versus no-magic has been only side entertainment for meta-Beatrice, and some more attention may be paid to the real game, whatever it is.
  • Shannon will show the same abilities that Kanon had shown in episode II-III, which can only be exercised when protecting a loved one.
  • A big deal seems to be made about the time when seagulls cry again and the storm subsides being when things will be fine again. Perhaps I should attribute some significance to this.
  • We haven’t seen Kinzou for a while yet. He may no longer be among the living.
  • In each round, six victims will be murdered by purely human means by a human perpetuator, which starts the other killings by Beatrice herself and her lackeys.
  • “Furniture” might refer to beings on the level of meta-Battler and meta-Beatrice, which a witch or other magical user might manifest in the real world. Or it could just mean servants, which would bring up the question of why the term “furniture” is used.
  • Rosa cooperating with Genji, Kanon, and Shannon to kill people might be a natural explanation consistent with the events, even if it is not what actually happened. The explanation could go like: Rosa kills the initial six victims, Kanon kills Jessica, Genji and Shannon kill Kinzou, Rosa gets the gun with Genji and Shannon so the others would not know Kinzou is dead, Genji, Kanon, and Shannon kill Nanjo and Kumasawa, and Shannon would supposedly kill Gouda and George. The only sticking point would be Gouda surviving as a witness to the murder of Nanjo and Kumasawa. And this did not actually happen, although meta-Battler could have chosen this explanation to exclude magic if he were willing to accuse anyone.
  • It is suspicious that Rosa has yet to talk about the letter she received from Beatrice, which I think is the same one that was found in the chapel. Along with being the only one to survive out of those accepting Beatrice’s authenticity in episode II-II, it is even more suspicious. On the other hand, she might not have actually killed anyone if the others killed each other …
  • Despite Rosa’s paranoia, which might seem extreme but not unjustified, Rosa shows conflicted expressions occasionally. Perhaps she doesn’t really want to be so paranoid but cannot help it.

Rosa looking conflicted

By Shounen A

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