In Canaan, a pair of Japanese journalists arrive at Shanghai to cover the local festival. One, Minoru Minorikawa, is a more serious journalist with aspirations of breaking the next big story, but the other, Maria Osawa, is a slacker more interested in using the job as an excuse to take pictures. However, they come across a bizarre incident where several people are killed in public, in which a highly skilled assassin called Canaan is involved. Canaan has superhuman reflexes and senses augmented by synesthesia, and she also just happens to be a close friend of Maria’s. Meanwhile, a mercenary group called the Snakes are fulfilling their own schemes in the shadows …

The show has a very cynical look at how governments work, which depressingly might not be all that inaccurate except for the implausible human abilities and successful maintenance of secrecy. This means that there is a lot of intrigue to draw a viewer in. A lot of the characters are crazy, but the crazy ones are also scarily competent, and it’s cool to see how they execute their schemes. The combat scenes in the show are also excellently done. As for me, what draws me most to the show is the part-timer …

However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that all the important events have already happened in another storyline and that Canaan was just a side story. Important background that would explain what motivates certain characters seemed to be glossed over or were just plain missing. So it might not be a surprise to learn that Canaas is a sort of side story to 428: In a Blockaded Shibuya, a video game for the Nintendo Wii, although I have my doubts that playing the game would have alleviated the somewhat detached feeling I had while watching the show.


By Shounen A

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canaan is Yuri animu.

on topic, Canaan was supposed to be the adaption of 428 from what i’ve heard. If it’s based off that game, then Shouldn’t Canaan herself be the main character of 428?

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