Dance in the Vampire Bund 2

In episode 2 of Dance in the Vampire Bund, “Howling” (ハウリング), the public is now abuzz about the revelation that vampires exist. A lot of the buzz is around the controversy on whether the revelation is true or not (and some curiosity about whether other things like werewolves or Frankenstein monsters exist), but the news that Mina Tepes outright bought an artificial island from the Japanese government is also big news. The random boy interviewed in episode 1, Kaburagi Akira, is rather uninterested in the whole thing. In fact, he is quite annoyed by talk of vampires.

If episode 1 was about the public revelation of the existence of vampires, then this episode is about the reaction of individual characters to the news. It also introduces a lot of the characters around Akira as opposed to Mina. There is Saegusa Yuki, who has a crush on Akira, and Ryohei Kuzi, a good friend of Akira. It’s mentioned that Akira lost his memories in an accident a year ago, and that Mina Tepes is holding a press conference, presumably to make a formal announcement that says the same thing as in the ad hoc announcement made previously.

Kaburagi Akira
Saegusa Yuki
The school president
Ryohei Kuze

Akira might be uninterested in vampires, but the vampire Mina Tepes is interested in him. She’s at first shy about approaching him, making her look like a stalker and then running of in tears, but later on after the press conference is done, she finds Akira again and is much more direct in her approach. It is obvious that Mina missed Akira tremendously, but given how Akira is more or less happy despite his loss of memory, she is willing to let him go.

It’s too bad for Akira that as soon as he encounters Mina again, lots of people appear to want her and/or him dead. First it’s a missile attack from an AH-64 Apache, then it’s the appearance of fake cop assassins, and finally there’s a vampire. It doesn’t help that no single organization is responsible for all the attacks. During all this, Akira gets flashbacks in which Mina appear, and he manages to realize that the fake cops were fake with a keen sense of smell.

It also appears to be the case that at least one myth about vampires is true. Mina explains that she can walk under the sun only with the application of shade gel, and she needs a fresh layer applied lest she turns to ash in the sun. She’s rather flippant about the whole thing, and she probably just wanted Akira’s hands all over her naked body. After all, she could have just avoided the sun or applied the shade gel herself, if the claim of the harmful effects of sunlight is even true. (I actually do believe the claim to be true, though.)

The vampire that attacked them was somewhat troublesome as he was somehow immune to Mina’s mind control powers. Incidentally, the vampire was seen with a couple of students at Akira’s school: looks like the school will be no sanctuary. Mina doesn’t seem to have uber powers other than mind control, or at least any that can be used immediately, since she is helpless as Akira is thrown to his death. But before Akira splatters into the ground, he recalls a promise he made with Mina when younger, and he is revealed to be a werewolf. With his power, Akira makes short work of the vampire, and Mina gets to snuggle with a naked Akira in return for having been fondled by him earlier while naked.

Mina Tepes might have a lot of enemies, but she really should have a lot of self-interested corporate allies as well. Mina’s purchase of an artificial island might have been a much needed infusion of capital for the Japanese economy (there was mention in episode 1 about how most of the world was in an economic downturn, but not so much for Japan), but the economic effect should be far greater than just the purchase price. It should also attract tons of investment catering to things that vampires would need for publicly integrating with humans and vice versa. Not to mention that the Bund would have a great tourism sector. I have my doubts the anime would consider things this far, though.

One thing is for sure, however: flat-chested girls deserve great respect, and anyone denigrating them ought to be dismembered as in the Dance with the Vampire Maid.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.