Dance in the Vampire Bund 3

As episode 3 of Dance in the Vampire Bund, “Teen Wolf” (ティーン ウルフ), begins, a naked Akira wakes up in bed with Mina Tepes, who is quite happy that he has recovered at least some of his memories. For one thing, his full name is Akira Kaburagi Regendorf, and he is a werewolf. It’s bad enough that Mina and her maids have no respect for his modesty, but it gets worse when it turns out that Mina will be going to his school. Completely not in the sense that a sworn and hated enemy is in school, but rather in the sense that there will no longer be a quiet moment for Akira at school, who is publicly revealed to be a servant of Mina Tepes.

The person most outraged about the school accepting a vampire as a student is the school president Shinonome Nanami, who leads the school council in an effort to oust Mina Tepes. For some reason she thinks that the acceptance of students should be under the purview of other students rather than the school board, and she tries to protest the acceptance of a vampire to the chairperson of the school board, who just happened to finally show up at school for the first time. Too bad that the chairperson happens to be Mina herself: who has ever heard of a school board chairperson who wants to be a student? In fact, it turns out the school itself was built with future vampire attendees in mind from the very beginning by Mina.

The chairperson does decide to amuse the school president: if a student can capture Akira within the day, then Mina promises to not attend school. With the right incentives dangled by the school council, this means that Akira does not have a moment’s rest at school as he is chased by almost all the students. The only students willing to help Akira are the lolicon otaku, and they aren’t much of a help. Meanwhile, Mina isn’t able to enjoy the show since she has to spend time politicking for laws that would grant special status to her Bund.

Mina Tepes basically blackmails her political opponents with the economic ruin of Japan by showing how much of the economy has been taken over by her vampires. I sort of think that she could have made an even stronger case with a carrot as well, by pointing out how much economic activity it could stimulate, but this is not an option that is considered. Back at school, Akira is almost caught by the school council, only managing to escape when someone provides a distraction that allows him to use his superhuman abilities without being witnessed by the school council.

Mei Ran
Mei Ran

This someone also was the one to pick up Akira’s cellphone that he neglected to pick up earlier in the episode. I was so sure it would have been used in the cliche manner where a close friend (most likely Yuki) picked it up and saw the blackmail photo with Mina and a naked Akira, resulting in over-the-top accusations of pervetedness, but it surprised me when this person merely found it interesting how Akira is in contact with Mina again. She is also waiting on the same roof that Akira jumped on to escape the school council, and instead of being shocked, she merely introduces herself as a vampire whose name is Mei Ren.

In the end, Akira remains uncaptured, Mina gets to go to school, and it is virtually assured that the Bund will receive status as a special district. Things aren’t so swell for the school president, however, when she gets attacked by a horde of somethings while she is working alone at school with some leftover paperwork.

By Shounen A

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