Dance in the Vampire Bund 4

In episode 4 of Dance in the Vampire Bund, “Interview with Vampire” (インタビュー ウィズ ヴァンパイア), Mina Tepes finally has the press conference that officially announces her intention for the Bund to be a public safe haven for vampires. She already owns the artificial island outright, but there is now also legislation that would make it safer for vampires and humans to coexist with each other on the island. It took economic blackmail to get the legislation through, and a lot of people are unhappy with the development, among them the prime minister of Japan.

The press conference is not the only thing that happens in this episode. Akira has gotten used to the lack of modesty by now, but there are still large gaps in his memory. We also see him with his father, but the interaction is somewhat stilted: in fact, we never even get to see them encountering each other for the first time since Akira lost his memories. This makes it feel like there is hardly a connection between Akira and his father, which may be the effect that is desired since that’s pretty much what Akira is feeling as well.

There is also a little power struggle as a group of vampires try to oust the werewolves from the security detail for Mina, which means Akira being forced away from her for the duration. This backfires on the group of vampires, since it turns out that one of their members ended up helping a human smuggle a bomb into the press conference. Not only that, the vampire bit the human to turn her into a vampire as well, who then took advantage of the change to hide the bomb inside her body. This also pretty much quells doubts that vampires are real. Akira’s success in stopping the bombing allows werewolves back in charge of Mina’s security.

At the end of the episode, we get to learn at least one real reason why Mina Tepes established the Bund. It is to establish a safe haven for vampires who have refused to bite humans by taking out their fangs, who would often be discriminated against by both vampires and humans. Mina is also hiding Shinonome Nanami’s disappearance from Akira, while Nanami is still in the grasp of vampires who appear to be students at the school.

By Shounen A

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