Dance in the Vampire Bund 7

Episode 7 of Dance in the Vampire Bund, “Innocent Blood” (イノセント ブラッド), it is no surprise that the students that took refuge in the church got ravaged as soon as they tried to let Shinonome Nanami in, although it’s weird how much more emphasis was put on showing the girls getting bitten. It’s also not much of a surprise that the vice school president, a formerly ordinary human, was working with rogue vampires so that there wasn’t much chance for the students in the church in the first place.

The goal of the rogue vampires was to overturn the order between vampires and humans, where vampires would stay hidden to avoid conflict with a potentially genocidal humanity, and instead have a world where vampires would lord over the humans quite publicly. They really would have preferred to have Mina Tepes as their leader, since she is a relatively young leader who has yet to ossify, not to mention how she revealed the existence of vampires to the general public. Unfortunately for them, Mina prefers a more harmonious society than they envision, and she’s quite willing to cut down the rogues. For some odd reason, however, Mei Ren discretely prevents Mina from cutting down the rogues. Presumably it’s against the order of things for the queen of vampires to dirty her own hands, or maybe candies of doom aren’t for the exclusive use of Mei Ren …

The radical agenda of the rogue vampires is dealt a setback when Akira shows up to get rid of the local leader. Things would have settled down if Akira and Mina didn’t have their emotional issues to deal with violently: Mina being unhappy about Akira forgetting her and their promise, and Akira being unhappy about Mina understanding Machiavelli. But they manage to work out their issues when Akira saves Mina from an errant cross that gets dropped after being hit by lightning. Incidentally, Mina’s alternate form is much more pleasing to the eye than the others we’ve seen.

In the end, things work out pretty well. The Japanese Diet passes the legislation granting special status to the Bund, Akira becomes Mina’s knight, and Mina gets what’s effectively her own little country that exists openly. There also happens to be a vaccine that can prevent vampirism if administered early enough, so a lot of the attacked students can return to being human. In fact, the former prime minister’s grandson got a dose as well, making his kidnapping less drastic than had been implied. Even Yuki didn’t seem to be too bothered by her heart breaking after seeing Akira and Mina pretty much cement their love for each other right in front of her.

The next episode is a special episode numbered 7.5: it’s a recap, and it’s nice to see a recap episode being numbered outside the proper sequence of episode numbers instead of being swindled into watching one.

By Shounen A

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