Dance in the Vampire Bund 10

Episode 10 of Dance in the Vampire Bund, “Walpurgis Night” (ワルプルギスの夜), is pretty laid back in the first half. Mina wants to go out with Akira on the weekend (which in a normal world would be called a “date”), but annoyingly for Mina, he already has plans. So Mina gathers her harem and a shota for a relaxing weekend, instead. Or someone perverted would have claimed it was a harem, except no one whose mind goes in that direction appeared: for everyone else, it’s just a girls’ day at the pool.

Things have been going pretty swell. Even Shinonome Nanami, who normally would be restricted to the Bund since becoming a vampire, gets to continue attending her old school. That’s thanks to Mina hiring her as a maid, so that she has an excuse to go to the school as the attending maid for Mina. Nanami also gets to be all lovey-dovey with Yuzuru, which doesn’t bother the vampires at all, which might not be surprising considering that age couldn’t be very much of a factor in their opinion. It should be bothering Yuki a bit, but apparently it’s perfectly fine with her as well.

Things might not be so fine if Mina knew that Akira turned down a date with her in order to go out with Mei Ren. The perfectly valid excuse that he wanted to pump the mysterious Mei Ren for information would be perfectly fine, except for the outrageous flirtation that goes on between them. In fact, I get the impression that Mei Ren not just wants to be close to Akira, but also real close to Mina. One thing she definitely knows is that some sort of plot that would be detrimental to Akira’s health is coming up.

The plot comes from the heads of the three noble vampire families, who are also basically behind all the fuss that showed up previously in the show. There is also the inconvenient fact that besides Mina Tepes, these three vampires are the only pure blood vampires left in the world. In order to propagate the bloodlines of pure blood vampires, Mina will have to mate with one or more of them, and considering how they hate each others’ guts, it’s a pretty awkward situation. The heads of the three noble families are perverts, and not in a good sense, and they have thought up a game of deciding who the mate will be depending on whose champion gets to kill Akira first.

Mina despairs the situation, but cannot do anything about it due to politics. In fact, she can’t do anything but go along with the impatience of the other pure blood vampires for a quickie due to the politics of the situation. At least the secret of her transformed form is not out yet, which let her use her young form as an excuse to put off any mating, not that it’s helping any now. And Akira is hardly having the easiest of times, although at least it’s easier since the champions are trying to kill each other as well lest another win. And it’s heavily implied that the suited figure is Mei Ren, which would explain why Mina appeared to be nice to a young chained Mei Ren while still being unable to stop her from being chained in the first place.

By Shounen A

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