Dance in the Vampire Bund 9

Episode 9 of Dance in the Vampire Bund, “Lost Boy” (ロストボーイ), starts out with an exposition about the self-destructing vampires. They’ve been basically turned into suicide bombers by modernizing an old chemical formula that goes bang when mixed with vampire blood, and the container for the chemical is opened when it receives a cell phone signal. And it also appears to support Bluetooth, since they can be triggered with a nearby cell phone without requiring cell phone reception.

The blast from a self-destructing vampire isn’t particularly powerful, so there isn’t going to be any towers collapsing, but they’re plenty powerful enough to cause a significant number of casualties considering the number of potential suicide bombers out there. And exploding them in crowded subways is an easy way to maximize casualties, so Mina has her werewolves hunt them down around subway stations. But to prevent Hysterica from blowing them up with her cell phone, they have to be left alone until Hysterica loses cell phone reception.

That is exactly what Mina does by summoning Hysterica through a very public television broadcast (albeit spoken in the dead language of Sumer), and she doesn’t shy away from using what I would expect her to. For one thing, cell phone jammers. Hysterica is not so unprepared as to not have a backup plan, and there’s a back and forth between who has the superior position, but in the end, Mina takes advantage of Nanami’s shota complex for Yuzuru to gain control over Hysterica’s vassal, who then promptly stabs her former master.

Incidentally, Mina had to transform during the fight with Hysterica, and interestingly, there seems to be something about her form which makes it sort of a state secret. In any case, things end mostly well with the werewolf brigade having eliminated all the suicide bombers while Hysterica lacked cell phone reception. And while Nanami has to move to the Bund because she is a vampire, which means she would be permanently separated from a human Yuzuru, they don’t end up separated since Yuzuru is as much an “anecon” as Nanami is a shotacon: they get to stay together since Yuzuru willingly becomes a vampire. And there shouldn’t be much of a legal problem with the parents, since they’re pretty terrible parents that neglect their children too much: it’s unlikely they’d fight hard enough against the Bund legislation.

By Shounen A

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