Kuragehime 6

Episode 6 of Kuragehime, “Night of the Living Amars” (ナイト・オブ・ザ・リビング・アマーズ), begins with Kuranosuke finishing the transformation of all the Amars except for Chieko, who looks like a rich lady among the transformed Amars with her kimono attire. Kuranosuke hasn’t quite thought through beyond dressing up the Amars, however, so he suggests going to a cafe for “training”. Incidentally, a cafe is the Amars’ number one heart rate raising location (by now, I want to see a “number two” something).

Meanwhile, Shuu meets Shouko, whose pretext is that she is returning an umbrella. Shouko soon invites him to a bar, where she promptly roofies Shuu. Dragging him to a hotel room, she takes incriminating pictures, although she doesn’t actually do anything to him. By the time Shuu wakes up and finds himself naked in bed next to a scantily dressed Shouko, he goes into autopilot and gets out as fast as possible. Shouko is indignant about how Shuu pretty much brushed her off, but she gets Shuu’s glasses in return as Shuu was not at all in a proper state of mind to pick them up on the way out.

At the cafe with Kuranosuke and the Amars, the Amars are nervous to the point of petrification. The fashionable people around are the number one reason for their nervousness, but the high prices that they’re not used to also bothers them. No worries: Kuranosuke has a golden credit with virtually no limit from the perspective of the poor Amars, and they shamelessly take advantage of his generosity. The outside view from the terrace is also an enjoyable experience for the Amars, especially with how they manage it to tie it with their own fetishes. The whole experience must be endearing the Amars to the fashionable Kuranosuke, although Kuranosuke himself is annoyed at himself for getting attracted to Tsukimi’s bright expressions.

Returning to the Amamizukan, the rest of the Amars finally get around to asking Kuranosuke his name. Kuranosuke is about to unhesitatingly state his name, and in fact does state his name once, before noticing a sign which says what Tsukimi thought often but failed to make clear to Kuranosuke: “No Men Allowed”. Fortunately, the Amars are a bit confused about an apparent woman’s name being Kuranosuke that he has the chance to change it to “Kurako”. For a moment there, I thought he was going to say Kurara … Kuranosuke then gets a headache when he finds himself thinking Tsukimi is so cute as she happily talks with Kurara.

Returning home, Kuranosuke finds his uncle Saburouta on the premises, who keeps on hinting that there’s a reason why Shuu shuns women. And he keeps hinting at it even when Kuranosuke is in the bath, which frustrates Kuranosuke enough to make him chase after his uncle for answers. While running practically naked, Kuranosuke runs into the returning Shuu, who looks like a shell-shocked woman who has just been raped. Fortunately, this is not the case, although Kuranosuke doesn’t dwell much on this, being more preoccupied about the fleeing uncle.

Saburouta having run away by car, Kuranosuke heads to the garage and asks the driver Hanamori to help in the chase. Unfortunately for Kuranosuke, Hanamori is in the middle of waxing one of “his” precious cars (obviously not his, even if he drives them). Saburouta does call to tell Kuranosuke that Hanamori is also in the know, and Kuranosuke threatens to dirty the shiny, just-waxed car if Hanamori doesn’t tell. As Saburouta and Hanamori warned, the story is the awkward sort for Kuranosuke, as the reason for Shuu’s fear of women stems from his witnessing his father and Rina, Kuranosuke’s mother, playing around when he was nine.

Some time later, Shuu asks Hanamori for a drive to the Amamizukan. There he meets the still dressed-up Tsukimi and asks to hold her hand for emotional support. Immediately leaving thereafter, Shuu leaves behind a nerve-wracked and confused Tsukimi, who has no idea why Shuu seems to act so differently so quickly.

Finally, it is an easy guess that the title of this episode is a reference to the movie Night of the Living Dead.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.