Comment policy

I have a basic policy of letting anyone say anything they want in the comments, as long as it pertains to the blog post’s topic or other comments. However, I reserve the right to moderate or remove anything I deem inappropriate. Two types of comments that one can expect to be deleted with prejudice are spam and large-scale plagiarism. On the other hand, short quotations used under fair use will usually be considered acceptable.

Privacy policy

Densetsu no Shounen A relies on a number of third parties to function, from basic hosting to comments. In addition, there may be the use of third-party cookies for serving advertisements and providing comments. While I cannot absolutely guarantee that these third parties will not abuse anyone’s privacy, I do think they can be trusted not to do so. The third parties used by this blog are:

As for myself, I do guarantee that I will not publicize anyone’s email address nor any other private information contained in any personal correspondence with me without permission, nor will I expose non-public information of anyone who comments on the blog. This guarantee does not apply to the content of any such personal correspondence or comment, however.